Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Here I am. I really need to update this thing. Sadly, there's not the huge change I'd have thought there would be after all of this time, but anything is better than nothing, right? Okay, to start, let me put in my start measurements followed by my most recent measurements:

START(1/14/04):.........NEW(2/23/04):.........A LOSS OF:
Bust:41 1/2................Bust: 40 1/2.............1 in
Waist: 36 1/2.............Waist: 35 1/2............1 in
Abdomen: 46 1/2........Abdomen: 43 1/2......3 in.
Hips: 45 3/4................Hips: 44...................1 3/4 in.
Thighs: 27 3/4............Thighs: 26 1/2..........1 1/4 in.
Arms: 13....................Arms: 12 3/4............1/4 in.
Weight: 183.5............Weight: 168.5.........15 pounds
Body Fat %: 39.8........Body Fat %: 38.7.....1.1 %

From these numbers, using the calculation I put in this blog a while ago, here is what I have lost in fat pounds, and gained in muscle:

Old Fat Pounds: 73.0333..........New Fat Pounds: 65.2095.............Difference of: 7.8238 lbs
Old "other" pounds: 110.467....New "other" pounds: 103.2905......Difference of: 7.1756 lbs.

So, I have lost 7.8238 pounds of actual fat, and gained 7.1756 pounds of muscle.

Okay, so that's the good news. Here is where it gets a little ugly. After losing about 7 pounds when on vacation, of all things, I stopped losing anything. One Monday, I weighed in at 168.5. A week later, I again weighed in at 186.5. I hadn't been "cheating" exactly. I never ate carb foods, but I wasn't eating much of anything. I quit drinking anywhere near the water I was drinking. I started eating low carb substitutes a lot more (like Atkins bread, etc). I was just sick of cooking. I started to get really discouraged. Then I got to thinking about something I have heard some people do when they hit a stall on Atkins. They shock their body with carbs then start at Induction to get back into the groove. I decided to do that last night. We went to --GASP-- an Italian restaurant for bread and pasta. It was GOOD, I will not lie. I felt so guilty doing it though. And this morning (not sure if it was in my head or not), I felt so bloated...fat or something. Instead of having a pity party, I got up this morning and decided to get right back on the horse. I made a list of short term goals for myself. Here they are:

1.) Work out every day.
**M,W,F,Sat = Curves AM, 50 sit-ups throughout the day
**T,TH,Sun = Walk Away the Pounds/Yoga Zone AM, 50 sit-ups throughout the day

2.) Drink 1 gallon (128 oz, or 16-8 oz glasses) of water every day.

3.) Induction foods ONLY.

4.) Eat nothing after 6:30 PM (only water)

5.) No artificial sweeteners. No low carb candy or anything containing sugar alcohols (with the exception of Orbitz gum WHEN NEEDED, but count the 1 g of sugar alcohol towards your daily carb count).

6.) DO NOT WEIGHT MYSELF. Wait for each Monday's weigh in at Curves.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Real fast, I got my weigh in at Curves this morning. I was stressing before I got on the scale, as I haven't weighed myself AT ALL in a week (a first for me while dieting). I was so relieved to see that I am at 177.5, down 4 pounds from last week (which was 181.5). Ha...I never thought I'd get excited to see 177. It's in the right direction at least.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

I've been having such problems losing weight in a period that most find the easiest during Atkins. So, as I said earlier, I went back to the basics with my food intake. It turns out there is a hardcore version of Induction that people follow that they call "KISS" (either Keep It Simple Sweetie or Keep It Simple Stupid - I'm for Stupid, as I do not say "sweetie"). Anyhow, here's a link explaining it. I'm putting it here for future reference for myself as well as for any other of you poor Atkins souls that are having a bit of trouble. Since I'm an idiot with HTML and can't get the link to properly post, you'll have to cut and paste.


Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Grrr....those darn "low-carb" products that mimic high carb foods are everywhere! I have fallen victim to them (the Diet Rite, the low carb peanut butter, the tortillas, etc) in a big way. I figured I wasn't "cheating" since they were low carb, but they all contain things that are known to slow weight loss in some people. I have what I think is a very low tolerance for these ingredients. I quit losing and have been creeping a couple pounds back on here and there. So I decided to start over (better now than two months from now). Since I didn't trust my original weight of 191 anyhow, I will consider the Curves start weight my overall start weight. That number is 183.5. Sunday, January 25, I went back to Induction basics, so I'm going to consider that the new start date. I am trying VERY hard to stay with simple stuff (no candies, jell-o, tortillas, restaurant food, etc). I have also begun to up my water intake to 128 fl.oz. (or 1 gallon) a day. I am trying to cut back on dairy and have temporarily eliminated artificial sweeteners of any sort. My immediate goals right now through Sunday, February 8, are the following:

1.) Work out EVERY day.
****M, W, F = Curves in AM, at least 1 mile Walk Away the Pounds at night.
****T, Th, Sat, Sun = Walk Away the Pounds 3 Mile in AM, at least 1 Mile at night.

2.) Drink 1 gallon (128 fl.oz.) of water every day.

3.) Induction only foods.

4.) No artificial sweeteners (nope, not even Splenda).

5.) DO NOT WEIGH MYSELF. Wait for each Monday's weigh in at Curves.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

For future reference, I'm putting this here. It's a cut/paste of a post on the Curves message board that explains how to keep track of how many FAT pounds one loses:

"You need to know your current weight and current body fat percentage, as well as your old weight and percentage.

Let's say your starting weight and body fat percentage were 200 pounds and 33 percent. 33 percent of 200 is 66. So you have 66 pounds of fat and 134 pounds of bone, muscle, etc.

Let's say your current weight is 197 pounds and your body fat percentage is 30 percent. This breaks down to 59 pounds of fat, leaving 138 pounds of muscle etc.

From these numbers you can assume that you have lost 3 pounds total. Your fat loss is your old fat pounds minus your new fat pounds (66-59=7). Your muscle gain is the difference between your new remainder and your old remainder (138-134=4). So you lost 7 pounds of fat, gained 4 pounds of muscle, and that leaves 3 pounds off overall."

I worked out a full workout on Monday evening at Curves. However, today was my official start. I got all my measurements done (uuughhh), did the whole workout and then the stretches afterward. So, as much as I dread typing these numbers out, here are my Curves start measurements:

Bust: 41 1/2
Waist: 36 1/2
Abdomen: 46 1/2
Hips: 45 3/4
Thighs: 27 3/4
(calves not measured)
Arms: 13
WEIGHT: 183.5
Body Fat % 39.8
Fat pounds (weight x body fat %): 73.033

So that's that. Now I can officially get to work.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

OK, here we go. This morning I was watching the Today show and Matt Lauer did an interview with a women discussing "BLOGS" online. I'd never heard of them. Then, as if it were fate, about an hour later I was surfing through posts on www.curvesforum.com and someone put a link to their blog detailing their weight loss. I'm hoping that in less than a year from now, people will be asking me "How did you lose all that weight?". I think this idea is a perfect way for me to look back on my journey to be remember exactly what it was; ups, downs and all. That's the plan, anyhow Stan.

So, for starters: I began doing Atkins on January 5. At 5'2" and 29 years old, I weighed in that morning at a cringe worthy 191. I suspect something is awry with that figure, as just a couple days prior, said scale told me 185/6-ish. Anyhow, that's the number it gave me, so I went with it. The first few days of Atkins one is very tired, dragging ass all day. Between that and my overall laziness, I decided to lay low for a week until the classic Atkins energy surge arrived before I added exercise. The big jolt never came, but my energy is creeping up (that's not Atkins' fault...I think I've just REALLY gotten my body out of whack).

My weight mid week the first week went to 184 almost overnight (again, see suspicions on my start weight). I struggled to get to 183 by day 7. On Day 8, I went to Curves, had my first work out and signed a 12 month contract. That was last night. I woke up this morning and weighed 185 after I peed. Ggggrrrrr. I've been down this Atkins road before and gave up too soon (after only two months...but 25 pounds lighter), and I know it comes and goes. But this is INDUCTION, people! It's famous for pounds just disappearing. I don't remember if it seemed this discouraging last year during Induction, but let me just say this: despite sounding pretty negative here, I do have all the hope in the world. Between eating low carb AND Curves, I know I can do this thing. I am 29. My goals are simple, and at my age, I see no reason other than myself to not be able to get to them. Here are the goals, BTW:

Feb 11, 2004: Be down one jeans size (from a 16 to a 14) in time to go to my bro's wedding in San Fran, CA.

May 1, 2004: be down to 145 MAX for my cousin's wedding.

June 1, 2004: be able to look good enough in a bathing suit that I won't make up excuses to get out of taking my six year old to the beach, etc.

September 24, 2004: The BIG one! I want to be 120 by this date, my 30th birthday. As an added bonus, my seventh anniversary is three days later on September 27, so looking hot for the old man would be a nice bonus. You know, use my new found assets to scratch his seven year itch. wink-wink. ;)

December 31, 2004: We want to take the wee tyke to Disney World for a no-holds-barred bash for a week on site. It's going to cost MUCHO bucks, so I want to document it with PICTURES, folks! And I'd like to be IN them this time and not grossed out when they get developed.

If judging by weight becomes an issue, I can sum up what I'm shooting for with this: I want to wear a size 5/6 jean....7/8 at the absolute most.

Well, there you have it. I've mapped it out for you. Now watch me go................

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